Artist / Guest Curator Submissions


FAM welcomes submissions from artists for review for possible exhibition, but asks that prior to submitting your work you consider FAM’S mission, educational programming, current exhibitions, and FAM’s exhibition archive in order to determine whether your submission is an appropriate match for the Museum. The best means to determine the appropriateness of your submission would be to visit the Museum and tour the changing exhibitions. If this is not possible, please explore FAM’S website and browse our current and past exhibitions.

You may submit artwork on CD or DVD (as high resolution jpg files not exceeding 15MB in size for each image) or you may direct us to a URL address where we can view the work online. Photographs are also permitted, however, digital files of the images are preferred. Please label each image with your name, title of the work, date created, media, and dimensions. We cannot accept actual works of art.

Include a cover letter, a brief description of the project, and your bio or CV which should include a list of past shows and awards. Also, please see instructions below on sending materials.


FAM exhibits traditional and contemporary art and cultural/ethnographic exhibitions of all kinds, in all media. Guest curators may propose solo or group exhibitions. We strive to create unique, thought-provoking, educational exhibitions representing diversity and cultural connections that relate to and reflect the population and issues here in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond. Potential curators not familiar with FAM's exhibitions or our physical venue are encouraged to visit the Museum.

Curators:  What to include in your proposal:

  • A list of what will be on exhibition (artists, titles, media, dimensions, proposed layout).
  • A one-page description of the exhibition.
  • Curatorial bio or resume, with contact information.
  • Visuals submitted as jpegs. (Please submit link to high-resolution images online or provide on CD.)
  • A description of target audiences.
  • Examples of at least two programs (talks, speakers, workshops, etc.) in conjunction with the exhibit, including your commitment as guest curator to work with Museum Education Department in training of docents and art instructors about the exhibition.
  • A list of what special equipment and materials are anticipated to be necessary to mount exhibition, if applicable. (Moveable walls, pedestals, etc.)
  • A proposed funding strategy identifying potential sponsors, grants, etc.
  • A proposed marketing strategy (with budget).

FAM provides:

FAM hosts selected exhibitions for a period of three to four months; coordinates with curators and artists receipt of shipped artworks and artists’ texts; promotes, installs, de-installs, and displays exhibitions, as well as archiving exhibitions on its website; provides insurance for artwork while in the Museum’s possession; coordinates educational programming.

Send material to:

Fresno Art Museum
2233 N First Street
Fresno, CA  93703

OR click here to send via email


For mailed submissions, include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) if you would like your materials returned. Materials submitted without a self-addressed stamped envelope will not be returned. Please note that the Fresno Art Museum cannot be held responsible for submitted material.

The Museum will not accept phone calls or emails or grant in-person appointments, but we can assure you that we will review all properly completed submissions. Because of the volume of submissions received, the review process may take several months or more. In the event that we wish to further consider your work, we will contact you directly. Thank you for your interest in the Fresno Art Museum.