Summer 2024 Art Academy

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Students will explore the Elements of Art and how they apply to the Principles of Design through a variety of media in ALL of our workshops.
Why are FAM workshops extra special?

The Museum is a unique environment where children can be inspired and exposed to world-class artwork and antiquities, not just images in a book or posters on a wall. The Fresno Art Museum is over 70 years old, and we have been told by many that classes at the Museum were a big part of their growing up in Fresno, creating long-lasting and wonderful memories. Our goal is to continue that legacy by offering classes to engage children and foster a love for the arts, learning, and discovery.

Our workshops are taught by working professional artists who bring their special talents and knowledge to every session they teach. All of our teaching artists have had training and experience in working with children, and all strive to transfer their own love of the arts to each of their students in a lively, engaging, and exciting way.

 • Children must be between the ages of 8 and 17 to participate in these workshops.

 •  All classes are taught in English only.

 •  FAM visual art classes are taught by FAM’s staff of teaching artists and special guest artists.

During the summer of 2014, students created Dominion Dance with SHINE!'s tony sanders and FAM art instructor Jaydee Pirtle. Students wrote, created props and costumes (some adapted from left-behind Trashique® costumes), and performed. Click here to see the result.

TRASHIQUE® is a federally registered trademark belonging to Roseanne Guaglianone. It is used with permission of the trademark owner.

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Our student muralists from the summer of 2017, taught by guest artist and educator Erik Gonzalez from the Urbanists Collective.