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Virtual Field Trips with Asynchronous and Synchronous Sessions are now available!
Through a collaboration with the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, the Kennedy Center's Any Given Child and Partners in Education initiatives, the Fresno Art Museum has developed a tour program for third-grade students which we believe could also be adapted by second to fourth-grade teachers.
We have prepared eight videos that will take students from pre-visit sessions, through a synchronous session with a FAM art instructor, to after-visit follow-up art lessons. You are welcome to take a look at what we have created by clicking here.
You may download the Unit Plan that supports this program by clicking here.*
Here's what is included in the program:
Asynchronous Pre-Visit conducted by classroom teacher
Classroom teacher shows the following videos and does the two art lessons before the synchronous visit:
  1. Illustration video 
  2. Line, Shape, and Color video 
  3. Mondrian-Inspired Art Lesson video reinforcing line, geometric shapes, and primary colors--kids will do art project with their classroom teacher
  4. Matisse-Inspired Art Lesson video reinforcing line, organic shapes, and primary and secondary colors--kids will do art project with their classroom teacher
  5. Virtual Museum tour includes Diego Rivera, Pre-Columbian Mexican and Andean exhibitions, Roots mural, Will Bullas: M is for Masterpiece: An Art Alphabet exhibition, and intro to the classroom
Synchronous Session with a FAM Art Instructor
Students will have an opportunity to ask questions about the videos they saw before meeting the FAM art instructor. Then students will look at two to three artworks (depending upon session length chosen) and the art instructor will conduct a Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) session using two to three artworks from the current Museum exhibitions. This will be followed by watching a five minute video of an art lesson (Alphabet Monster) and an opportunity for students to create their own artwork with guidance from the FAM art instructor.
Post-Visit includes two asynchronous art lesson plans
Teachers will be provided with the Arts Integrated Unit Plan (developed with Third-Grade standards) to help their kids write a poem and create a character that they could illustrate.
FAM provides videos of two of the suggested six art lessons in the unit plan (to keep supplies being sent home to a minimum, we only focused on two lessons.)
The school site needs to provide each student with the following supplies:
(If school wants FAM to supply, it would be an additional $10 per student/kit)
  • 3 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 white cardstock
  • thin markers in black and primary and secondary colors
  • thick markers in primary and secondary colors
  • a 12" ruler
  • scissors
  • a glue stick
  • a selection of Construction Paper Crayons (made by Crayola) - they work more like oil pastels without the mess-- the colors are more vibrant than regular crayons - each child should get a selection of at least six different colors, including at least one white or yellow 
  • at least 3 sheets of dark blue or black (or a combination of the two) construction paper (9" x12")
  • various other colors of construction paper, cut into quarter sheets so each child could have a variety of at least six colors
  • something to contain all the supplies
  • extra paper would be great.
45-minute live in-person session with FAM art instructor: $150**
60-minute (preferred) live in-person session with FAM art instructor: $200**
The classroom teacher stays in the session and shares his or her screen and helps with chat and any discipline issues that might arise. We prefer no more than 18-20 students in a session. FAM prefers Zoom but is familiar with Microsoft Teams for synchronous sessions.

* Fresno Unified School District third-grade teachers will be sent a customized version of this unit plan
** Does not include art supplies. All videos are available for free.