Memorial & Honorary Gifts

The Fresno Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the following memorial and honorary gifts, received during the 2019/2020 fiscal year:

In memory of Daisy Addicott

Barbara F. Thomas

In memory of Ryan Eversole

CCIS Insurance Services - Cala Carter

Christy V. Hicks

Gerald Palladino and Chester Miszewicz

In memory of Cynthia Karraker

Drs. Kelli Beingesser and Gail Newel

Gary L. Steinert

In memory of Richard Lowell

Charlie and Linda Adams, Craig, Holly & Family

Coke and James Hallowell

Christy V. Hicks

Ellen Hirth

Robert and Zandra Ogata

George Papadoyannis

Ronald Samuel, CRPC

In memory of Joanne Nance

Linda Barron

Jack Carroll

Dale and Constance Claes

James and Carol Thaxter

In memory of Martha Ogle

Debbie Horton

In memory of Glenna Pickford

Joy Uyeki

In memory of Rollin and Glenna Pickford

Richard, Jeff, and Jason Ahronian

In memory of Terry O. Sadler

Mary A. Delk

In memory of Bernice Stiner

Steve Polasky and Cherie Treptow 

In honor of Julie B. Arnold

Debbie Horton

In honor of Wayne Cole

Gloria Burrola and John Dunning

Susana L. Sosa

In honor of Diana Griffin

Elizabeth Keeton

In honor of Mary LaFollette

Craig and Jacque Fourchy

In honor of Anita M. Shanahan

Susan Abundis and Glen Burgess

Jack and Nancy Baker

Larry Balakian

Lynn Baldwin

Jane Bedrosian

Michael and Barbara Berberian

Barbara A. Berberian and Erin Gleason

Mrs. Bruno Bisceglia

LaVona Blair

Boos & Associates, a Professional Corporation

Robert Boro

David Boyd

Shirley A. Bruegman

Don Black and Deborah Byron

Donald E. Cardell

Jean A. Carter

CCIS Insurance Services - Cala Carter

Michael James Chappell and Keith D. McCullar

Robert and Tay Cherry

Barbara R. Christian

Avnell Daniels

Carol Dela Torre

Mary A. Delk

Margaret Desmond Hughes

Ed and Janice Donaghy

Karen A. Dorian

Paul Gibson and Joan Eaton

Virginia Eaton

Jim and Joan Emerson

Alyce Fourchy

Craig and Jacque Fourchy

Don Gray and Joan Niboli Gray

Roseanne Guaglianone

Lawrence and Blythe Hagopian

Coke and James Hallowell

Ed and Judy Hashim

Christy V. Hicks

Geraldine J. (Beanie) Irola

Jeffrey and Rebecca Jaech

Douglas B. Jensen

Bernard and Marion Karian

Joyce and Bob Kierejczyk

Dr. Judith L. Kuipers

Jerilyn Lake and Lisa DeLaCruz

Claude Laval, III

Elizabeth and Blair Looney

Richard and Ute Lowell

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Lyles Fund of the Central Valley Community Foundation

Elaine L. Lynn

Michael and Jeanette Macauley

Barbara Marsella

Dr. and Mrs. J. Malcolm Masten

John and Nancy Mengshol

Karla Nichols

Dorothy, James, Peter, and Robin Nielsen

Gerald Palladino

Irene Peloian

Jerrie L. Peters

Lisa M. Peters

Maria Helena and James Prochazka

Mrs. Helen Smades

John and Jolene Telles

Julia Thuesen

David Tomasini

Patricia Towne and Mary Towne-Merritt

Michelle T. Tutelian

Barbara Van Arnam

Barbara and Robert Vartan

Jared West and Kasie West

David Yamaguchi, D.D.S.

Sally Yemoto

Yrulegui & Roberts, Attorneys at Law

If you would like to talk with us about a possible gift in honor or in memory of a friend, relative, or colleague, please contact our Executive Director Michele Ellis Pracy at 559.441.4221 x103 or by email at