Memorial & Honorary Gifts

The Fresno Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the following memorial and honorary gifts, received during the 2017/2018 fiscal year:

In Memory of Shirley Brinker

Louise G. Feinberg

Fritz and Dede Glaser

Linda and Robert Glassman

Don Gray and Joan Niboli Gray

Barbara A. Hall 

John and Nancy Mengshol

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Pash 

Michelle T. Tutelian

In Memory of Marjorie Erbes

Mrs. Bruno Bisceglia

In Memory of Virginia Johnson Lee

Mrs. Beverly Achki

In Memory of Lynn Margulis

Christy V. Hicks

In Memory of Roxie Moradian

Joan C. LeRoux

In Memory of Lorraine Zody

Christy V. Hicks

In Honor of Kristina Hornback

Irwin Barg, M.D.

If you would like to talk with us about a possible gift in honor or in memory of a friend, relative, or colleague, please contact our Executive Director Michele Ellis Pracy at 559.441.4221 x103 or by email at