Linking Art to Education

Looking for a fun and enriching art experience for students? You can take a Field Trip to FAM!

The Fresno Art Museum's ArtLink sessions are the perfect field trip for you and your students to enjoy and experience the many fascinating and wonderful exhibitions that the Fresno Art Museum (FAM) has to offer! The ArtLink program offers exhibition-related hands-on art activities held in FAM’s Child Space Classroom as well as guided tours by a FAM ArtLink Art Instructor or Docent

Frequently Asked Questions 

What grades can participate in ArtLink?
ArtLink is available for grades Pre-K to 12. Tours and art projects are adjusted for age-appropriateness and special needs. 

How long does an ArtLink tour last?
The guided ArtLink tour is normally one hour, and the art workshop is one hour, for a total of two hours in the Museum. This may be adjusted to a total of an hour and one-half total time for pre-K to 1st grade, depending upon the attention span of the children. 

When are ArtLink tours scheduled?
ArtLink tours can be scheduled Monday through Friday, except during Museum exhibition changes or when the Museum is closed for special events. Contact us for availability. Most tours begin at 9:30 am. 

When should I book my ArtLink tour?
It is highly recommended that you book your tour in August or September of each school year to get your preferred visit date, even for a spring visit. Our schedule fills up quickly.

What happens when I bring my class to FAM for an ArtLink tour?
During your FAM visit, students will be led by one of our Museum Art Instructors or Docents on a gallery tour of our current and/or permanent exhibitions followed by an art activity in our classroom. (Large groups may be split in half, and half will do the tour followed by the art activity, and the other half will have the art activity first, followed by a gallery tour.) Our Art Instructors actively engage students in a creative learning experience. Each hands-on art activity is designed to provide students with a fun educational experience, which allows self-expression through different art media. The activity gives each student participant an opportunity to produce a take-home piece of student artwork.

Note that high school students often do not participate in the art activity at the discretion of their teacher. Instead, they spend the entire time in the Museum galleries, first experiencing a tour of the exhibitions, and then exploring the Museum on their own and writing an essay, drawing from the artwork, or completing an assignment for their classroom teacher.

Does the ArtLink experience conform to State Standards and Common Core?Each ArtLink tour and activity is grade appropriate, addresses the California Visual Arts Standards, and supports Common Core. ArtLink allows the children to make connections with what they see and experience in the Museum galleries in creating their own work of art, making the whole museum experience more meaningful. Lessons incorporate many or all of the seven elements of art: line, shape, form, texture, value, space, and color and often incorporate some math, science, language arts, and social studies.

How do I schedule an ArtLink field trip?
It is recommended that you schedule months in advance. To schedule an ArtLink field trip, please contact Susan Yost Filgate by email or by calling 559-441-4221 x101 with the following information:

  • Name of teacher/organizer
  • Name of teacher that will be accompanying the students
  • School or organization name
  • Complete mailing address, phone number (school and teacher cell), fax number, and e-mail address
  • Date you would like for your ArtLink field trip and two alternate dates
  • Time of your visit, if other than 9:30 am
  • Number of students, number of chaperones/teachers
  • Grade level/area of study
  • Any special needs for your students
  • Any special emphasis for tour, such as an interest in a particular exhibition or if you are an art club, history club, or have a focus on a particular subject matter

How much does it cost?
ArtLink fees mirror regular admission fees for under 18, but provide so much more, including a family pass for each student, allowing the student and up to three other family members to come back and visit the Museum with the student on any public day (up to a $35 value).

ArtLink tour fees are as follows:
20 Students and Under: $100*
21 to 25 Students: $125
26 to 30 Students: $150
31 to 35 Students: $175
36 to 40 Students: $200
41 to 45 Students: $225
46 to 50 Students: $250 
51 to 55 students: $275
56 to 60 students: $300

For every five students, one teacher or chaperone is free. The Museum highly recommends bringing at least one adult chaperone for every ten elementary students or one for every 15 high school students.

The Museum prefers a maximum limit of 60 students per visit, but we can accommodate larger groups by adjusting the type of tour. (Please call to discuss fees and other options.)

When booking, please indicate the number of students and teachers/ chaperones you intend to bring. Our Art Instructors and security are scheduled based on that number. You will be invoiced for that amount. Payment is preferred at least one week before your visit. No reimbursement will be made if the actual number of students falls below those scheduled. Adjustments can be made to add additional students/chaperones if notice is given more than 24 hours before the visit. Any additional fee can be paid upon your visit. 

*In order to offer the best experience possible, the Museum may adjust the fee to $175 for groups of 20 to 30 Pre-K groups, mixed age groups (i.e., K to 5th grade), or special needs students to allow for two instructors and smaller group sizes.

I want to schedule multiple visits during the school year. How often does the ArtLink tour change?
The Fresno Art Museum usually changes some of its exhibitions in January, May, and September of each year. So if you booked your first tour in late August, your second in October, November, or December, your third in February, March, or April, and your fourth in late May or early June, you could actually experience four different exhibition cycles. Please check our current and upcoming exhibitions to learn what will be open on your chosen visit date.

How do I pay for our ArtLink tour?
Payment by check is preferred, but Visa and MasterCard credit cards may be used. Please be sure to provide the correct address for billing when you book your ArtLink tour. The Museum normally invoices the school six to eight weeks ahead of the tour if time permits. Payments should be made within 30 days. If a purchase order is required, please provide the purchase order number at time of booking. Payments sent by mail at least one week in advance are preferred.

What if I need to cancel my ArtLink field trip or change the date?
If you need to change the date of your ArtLink field trip, please let us know as soon as possible to be sure an alternate date can be selected. If it is one week or more before your scheduled trip, there is no fee charged until a new date is confirmed.

Any cancellation made by a school representative within one week before the scheduled trip will have fees credited towards a future visit during the same school year, if an alternate date is available. A 25% rebooking or cancellation fee will be charged.

If a school representative calls to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, one-half of the total fee will be charged.

No-shows will be charged the full amount with no refunds.

Can we eat lunch at FAM?
Your group may choose to bring lunch or a snack to enjoy outside in FAM’s Sculpture Garden, weather permitting. (Tables and chairs and grassy areas are available.) We just request that children refrain from climbing on sculptures and respect the outdoor space. We also have neighboring Radio Park which has a large playing/running space with grassy areas and some picnic tables.

Who do I contact to book an ArtLink field trip?
Please contact Susan Yost Filgate, Education Director, at (559) 441 4221 x101 or email .

FUSD TEACHERS:  Did you know that you can take advantage of public transportation to take a field trip to the Museum for a minimal cost? Click here to download the PDF form which provides contact information and explains the costs and procedures.

Target Corporation offers Field Trip grants. Go to to learn more and apply.


All teachers planning to visit a museum can share this great video on museum etiquette with students. It was produced by KQED in collaboration with BAVC's youth production project, The Factory, and the de Young Museum's teen ambassador program in San Francisco, CA. Click here to watch.