Homeschool Opportunities at the Fresno Art Museum

If you have chosen to homeschool your child or children, the Fresno Art Museum is here to help round out their education if you want to add visual arts to the curriculum. For parents of a homeschool child or children, the Fresno Art Museum offers you a few options:

  1. Organize a group of homeschool children and come to the Museum for an ArtLink tour. You can come twice a year for a different experience with each new exhibition series. For more information on the ArtLink tours, click here or contact the Museum's education department to reserve a date and learn about special rates that may apply to your group.
  2. ArtAcademy classes are offered during summer break, based on the schedule of the Fresno Unified School District. You can sign your child up for one or more of the sessions offered. Click here for more information.
  3. Organize a group of at least six homeschool students to make a monthly commitment to come for afternoon art classes four times per month on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, and we will supply the space, art materials, lesson plans, and one of our FAM-trained art instructors to teach the class. Contact us for fees and availability.
  4. Family Days at the Museum are free and another great way to provide art experiences for your child or children. They usually occur twice per year and are open to the public.

If you have any questions or ideas on other programs that you would like to see that could benefit homeschool children, please feel free to contact our education department by email or at 559-441-4221 x 101

FAM has worked with the following charter school organizations for homeschoolers:

Inspire_logo.jpg Compass-logo.jpg

Please note that if you are registered with Inspire or Compass Charter Schools 
your annual museum membership to FAM may be paid by them.

FAM is an approved vendor for Inspire and Compass homeschool field trips and 
homeschool art classes, as well as Summer ArtAcademy classes.

For more information, please contact our education department by email to