Did you ever want to go inside
an artist's studio?
The next artist studio live Zoom tour is...
June 17, 2021@ noon PT
We will bring you to the
Tiburon studio of artist
GuyDiehl in Studio.jpeg
San Francisco Bay Area artist Guy Diehl had a solo exhibition at the Fresno Art Museum in 2018 entitled Still Life Tradition.
The artist marries the finesse of classical trompe l’oeil painting with a 21st-century visual kick. Typically devoid of backgrounds, his hyper-realistic still-life compositions are ultramodern with his choices of sleek forms, geometric lines, and primary colors placed right up at the front of the picture plane enticing us to touch them. The delectable objects Diehl arranges are created to teach us about art history, to delight our visual senses, and to reinforce the idea that paintings can be beautiful as well as meaningful.
We will visit the artist in his Tiburon home studio and see a video where he pulls prints and publishes tapestries at Magnolia Editions in Oakland.
Note that this studio tour will be recorded and available to be viewed by
non-members of the Museum within a few weeks of the live tour.
GDiehl_Still Life with Glass Marbles, 2017.jpg Guy Diehl  image 1.jpg
Images: (top) Guy in his studio, (bottom, left to right) Images from the FAM exhibition Still Life Traditions: Guy Diehl, Still Life with Glass Marbles, 2017 and Still Life with Robert Delaunay No. 3, 2017, Acrylic paintings on canvas, © 2017 Guy Diehl, Courtesy of the Artist and Dolby Chadwick Gallery
Museum members:
Please note that registrations for this studio tour
after 5 pm, Wednesday, June 16, 2021
may not be confirmed.
Coming July 22, 2021, a visit with former
FAM exhibiting Artist Carmen Hoyos
from her studio in Brussels, Belgium.
Coming August 19, 2021, a visit with current
FAM exhibiting artist Rafael López from
his studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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Watch the Videos!

Our Artist Studio Visits are Fresno Art Museum member-only events. Barring any technical difficulty, we plan to record each of our artist studio visits and present them here.

You can click the image below to see our recorded studio tours:



A Fresno Art Museum Production
© 2020 Fresno Art Museum
All images: © Will Bullas

On Thursday, November 12, 2020 at noon a live visit via Zoom was held at the Carmel Valley, California studio of artist and illustrator, Will Bullas. Will currently has an exhibition of illustrations at the Fresno Art Museum from his illustrated children's book "M is for Masterpiece: An Art Alphabet" written by David Domeniconi. This studio visit explores all the other amazing and humorous art that Will has created over the years and gives some insight into his creative process. The only thing missing from the video is a laugh track!


 A Fresno Art Museum Production 
© 2020 Fresno Art Museum 
All images: © Richard Amend, Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend, and Wyatt Amend

On Thursday, December 10, 2020, this gifted family of artists invited FAM into their Ojai, California studios which they call The Amend Family Arts Compound. It was a great tour of the work and studios of three extraordinary artists and an opportunity to get to know them and the dynamics within the family. The recording includes a per-recorded video tour of each of the family members in their studios. FAM is happy to share it with those who missed it!

title & video still-Peterson.jpg

A Fresno Art Museum Production 
© 2021 Fresno Art Museum 
All images: © Bonnie Peterson

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, FAM visited the Michigan Studio of fiber artist Bonnie Peterson. This proved to be a most interesting tour of how this artist combines science and art to create her amazing and detailed quilts. Her exhibition, Another Sierra Day is currently on view at the Fresno Art Museum. For more details on Bonnie's exhibition you can check it out in our gallery guide.

title & video still-Lizzari.jpg

A Fresno Art Museum Production 
© 2021 Fresno Art Museum 
All images: © Margaret Lazzari

On March 18, 2021 FAM had a virtual visit to the studio of this accomplished Southern California artist. Viewers learned what inspires Margaret and how she works to create her monumental colorful and masterful paintings. We are happy to share it with those who missed it. Enjoy the visit!
title & video still-Freitas.jpg
A Fresno Art Museum Production 
© 2021 Fresno Art Museum 
All images: © Rick Freitas
On April 15, 2021 FAM took our members into the studio and home of this talented local artist. Viewers learned what drives him and how he creates his stunning, often quite large, Renaissance-inspired contemporary masterpieces in a very limited space. We welcome you to take the tour of Rick Freitas' studio!
title & video still-Scheid.jpg
A Fresno Art Museum Production 
© 2021 Fresno Art Museum 
All images: © Anne Scheid
The May 12, 2012 artist studio tour of this talented and prolific Fresno artist is available to view. We invite you to take a look inside Anne's studio and see where and how she works and what inspires her.

 Special thank you to Sarah Bernard for video editing.


Pictured above in banner: Will Bullas, Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend, Richard Amend, Wyatt Amend, and Bonnie Peterson, our first artist studio tour participants.